Vianna Stibal and the ThetaHealing Technique Presents
Manifest Your 2018
Are you ready to make 2018 your best year ever?  
2018 is an 11 in numerology and 11 is a master number, making this a very important year. 
11 symbolizes pushing the limitations of the human experience into the highest spiritual realm. It's the link between human and spirit, the mortal and the immortal, darkness and light, ignorance and ultimate enlightenment.
Learn actionable steps and strategies to effectively manifest the life you desire in this year of the 11.

Thursday Dec. 28, 2017

@ 6:00 PM MST / 8:00 PM EST
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Includes full webinar recording 
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ThetaHealing Technique Founder - Vianna Stibal

Internationally Known Spiritual Teacher
What You Will Learn During This Sacred Live Session:
My exclusive turn-key system to manifesting that will allow you to stop working so hard to manifest your desires, specifically tailored to the year of the 11. 
Secret #2
Why manifesting doesn't work for the majority of people, how you can avoid these mistakes, and how you can use 2018 to make manifesting a success.
Secret #3
How to use this special year to finally and painlessly clear your blocks so that you can take control of the manifesting process and achieve the life of your dreams!
Here's What's Included With Your Manifest Your 2018 Ticket
  • Access to attend my 60 minute+ LIVE webinar that divulges my clear-cut, actionable steps on how to successfully manifest the life of your dreams using this year of significance to your advantage.
  • Webinar replay that will allow you to listen to the most important parts of this powerful presentation at your convenience.
  • Q & A session at the end of the webinar, where I will answer your burning questions about manifesting. 
  • Exclusive pre-webinar emails that will help you prepare your manifestations so they can start working for you before we meet.
  • And so much more...
About Vianna Stibal - Founder of the ThetaHealing Technique

Hey, it's Vianna Stibal here, and I've spent years teaching people from all over the world my spiritual philosophy and meditation technique ThetaHealing®.  If you know how it feels to want to take control of the trajectory of your life but nothing seems to be working, then you are facing the same dilemma as everyone in the world that have not "cracked-the-code" to successfully manifesting the life of your dreams.  I have taught people with these frustrations for many years, and have developed an easy-to-enact strategy that is designed to help people manifest successfully.   

As a spiritual teacher, I have taught thousands of people how to create the reality they desire.  I have been where you are now, and I understand exactly what you are going through. In fact, over 20 years ago, I witnessed a healing on my own 9-inch tumor.  It was powerful and I feel as if it is my life's calling to share my love for all people and for The Creator Of All That Is through my training's, books and helping others.

During this Livecast with me... I want to share my exact manifesting system with you.
Please note: All payments are final. No refunds are available. A recording of the webinar will be provided to all registrants at a date following the event.

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