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Our Thoughts Have Enormous Power
We have all heard stories about the power of thought and belief. Terminal patients with strong belief in their faith have suddenly made enormous strides in recovery. In science, with the placebo effect, test participants taking a fake drug somehow still feel the healing effects of the medicine. The more often you think something, the more you will believe it to be true, and it’s for this reason that our thoughts and words have a tremendous impact on our lives.

What are you creating in your life?

Every statement, thought, and action should reflect what you are manifesting in your life. Every decision is a reflection of what we choose to create. What we think and say has a direct impact on whether our manifestations benefit or hinder us.

Here at ThetaHealing, we want to help you get your thoughts, and your life, back on track. This is why we started the New Life Experiment 30 Days to a Positive Mindset. Vianna has written and talked about the New Life Experiment in her books and seminars, so you may have already seen this, but have you really done it?

The experiment will train us to monitor what we say and do, how we act toward others, how we react to others, and how to use our thoughts to shape our lives in the most positive way possible. The New Life Experiment will allow us to identify all the ways in which negativity can sneak into our lives and and giving you the power to create a positive mindset.
Begin the New Life Experiment 30-Day to a Positive Mindset now!
For 30 days, follow these guidelines and see how your life can change:
  •  No complaining.
  •  No whining.
  •  No being overly critical.
  •  No poking fun at others.
  •  No being cynical or facetious.
  •  No creating reasons to be sorry.
  •  No saying you're sorry out of habit.
  •  No creating reasons to be stressed.
  •  No creating reasons to be unhappy.
  •  No affirming negative thoughts such as "I'm overweight."
  •  No affirming negative feelings such as "I'm depressed."
  •  No making reasons to be angry.
  •  No making or seeking out reasons to overcome others, fight, struggle, or enter in combat (more than necessary).
  •  No making reasons to be overwhelmed.
  •  No making reasons to worry.
  •  No making reasons to self-doubt.
  •  No creating situations or lack of scarcity with statements such as "I don't have enough energy." Instead make the claim, "I have plenty."
  •  No creating chaos or drama for entertainment, excitement, adventure, thrills, or to avoid peace.
  •  No "wrong" or "right", "better" or "worse", "should" "hope" or "try".
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