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Dear Overwhelmed,
Do you feel too busy and overwhelmed to know which online marketing strategy is going to help your small business grow? 

 Do you understand the importance of online marketing, but implementing a your own strategy keeps getting pushed to the back-burner because you just aren’t sure what tactics to focus on or what methods are going to be successful?
This is normal.
Webinars, launches, social media, videos, email marketing, landing pages, irresistible offers, Facebook ads... the possibilities seem to be endless and it’s overwhelming! How many times are you going to have the will to try the latest online marketing buzzword, only to abandon the project when it produces little to no results? 
I understand.
It can be frustrating and disheartening to pour time and money into an online marketing effort that you heard was fool-proof, only to watch as your business remains largely unchanged. 
Good News!
A powerful and proven approach that demystifies what you need to do and when you need to do it is only ONE step Away! 
My name is Lindsey Anderson, known to my clients and those who follow me online as One-Click Lindsey.  

If you’re a business person, entrepreneur, coach, author, expert, speaker or blogger who needs clarity with an online marketing technique that actually works... I can help. 

During my 10+ years in online marketing as the CEO of, I have learned what it takes to make online marketing work. Throughout my years of experience, I have honed a proven system that my company executes on a daily basis for many clients. 

My company receives anywhere from $3000 - $12,500 per month to execute some or all of the steps in this technique.    Some of my clients like to execute some of the steps on their own while others have us execute this entire technique on their behalf.

 Now I’m pulling back the curtain and taking what I’ve taught my employees and giving you the ability to learn it... FOR FREE. 
One-Click Lindsey
It's called ...
The CLICK Technique will lay the ground work that will lead to a long-term, sustainable income stream that will change your business.   Set your business up to start reaping the benefits in online marketing over the course of just 5 days. In just a few hours, you will understand this revolutionary system and be prepared to reap the benefits. 


Sign up now, and I will personally will teach you through video lessons, equip you with powerful resources, and walk you through my proven technique so you can create an online marketing system that will provide you clarity, motivation and the perseverance to achieve success. 
  •  Exact Steps:  I divulge the EXACT steps I take my clients through when I execute this technique.  Find out when and what to post on social, how much to spend, how long your blog posts should be.... I will tell you every. single. detail.
  •  Daily Video Training: Each day for 5 Days, I will personally walk you through each step of The CLICK Technique.
  • Workbooks and Action Items: Receive valuable workbooks and action items each day so you can execute each step of The CLICK Technique with ease.
  •  Mini Training's: Receive FREE mini training's on Facebook Ad's, Google Analytics so you can learn more about topics you need more information on!
  •  Clarity and Confidence:  You will receive the confidence to keep moving forward to allow online marketing to work for you.
What is
It’s online marketing through your client’s view. What makes them respond? How you can effectively build credibility and trust with them. How that trust is used to build a relationship that results in sales and referrals. Here is a quick review of the steps:
Find out how to successfully bridge the gap between what potential clients know and what they want to know. It’s the most powerful way to sell products, services and ideas in an increasingly noisy world. 
Where a website visitor lands after you have stoked their curiosity is paramount to your success.  
Don’t let potential clients slip through the cracks because they aren’t ready to contact you now! Offer them something they can’t refuse in exchange for their email address. This is where your every-day website traffic becomes red-hot leads. 
 Continue building trust and establishing credibility until they are ready to buy!  Once you have their email address, you need to cultivate the relationship.
 The CLICK Technique will NOT change your profit margin in a week, but if you follow the steps and stay consistent, The CLICK Technique will change your business forever. This is where most beginning online marketers fail.
So.... are you ready to change the trajectory of your business and generate more traffic and leads?